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Spiritual Support

On this page, topics are listed to help you on your spiritual journey; books, White Eagle teachings, CD’s and audio recordings are listed and how you11535895_542160625938771_9216766227807540612_n
can access each resource.  The topics will vary from time to time.

We have chosen grief as the first topic to explore because so many seem to be dealing with an immense amount of lost in this tumultuous time.  Prayers for healing are offered through our center and you can request healing prayers by going to the Healing page:


We wish you blessings on your journey.



  • Heal Thyself
  • White Eagle’s Little Book of Healing Comfort
  • Healing the World
  • The White Eagle Book of Healing Meditations
  • A Guide for living with Death and Dying by White Eagle
  • White Eagle’s Little Book of Comfort for the Bereaved
  • White Eagle’s Little book of Healing Comfort


  • Comfort for the Bereaved
  • Heal Thyself

All books and CD’s can be purchased through the website bookstore at: https://bookstore.whiteaglelodge.org/

White Eagle Reading:

As we are able, Audio Recordings will be added to our page.