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Grace & Ivan Cooke

The White Eagle Lodge is an international organization founded in England in 1936 by Grace and Ivan Cooke, based on a profound, yet gentle philosophy. Through the instrumentality of Grace Cooke over a period of more than forty years these extraordinary teachings were brought through and recorded and form the basis of the teachings of the White Eagle Lodge; they number in their thousands. The spiritual teachings are inclusive and honor all life; truths that echo in the heart of all true spiritual pathways; a restatement of the ancient wisdom.

A more indepth history may be found through reading The White Eagle Lodge Story available in the store.

From some of these teachings and under the care of the White Eagle Publishing Trust the White Eagle books have been developed. They are available worldwide.

There are three main Temples: Headquarters in Britain at New Lands in Hampshire, England: opened in 1972; in Australia at Maleny in Queensland: opened in 1991 and in the United States for the Americas, in Texas: opened in 1992. There are regional centers around the world and numerous small groups.

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