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White Eagle Groups meet in countries throughout the world. Whether two or three, or more persons meeting regularly with those who have common spiritual goals can provide a base of support as we face these not-so-easy times in our lives. It is important to have others with whom to explore, question, discuss and affirm our spiritual journey. A group provides discipline and focus for our study of the Ancient Wisdom teachings, spoken so simply and lovingly by White Eagle. In the comfortable group setting we have an opportunity to hone our skills in leading a discussion or guiding a period of meditation or joining in the healing work.

While assistance is readily available from the White Eagle Centers, small groups all over the Americas strengthen and enhance the White Eagle work throughout the world.

Contact for more information about the following Groups.

In 2014 we expanded our work to include Cybergroups – these groups meet via technology on a regular basis to send light to the world:

  • Arizona – Phoenix
  • California – Carlsbad, Escondido, Huntington Beach, Long Beach
  • Florida – Ocala
  • Illinois – Geneva
  • Indiana – Avon
  • Minnesota – Eden Prairie, Savage
  • Texas – Montgomery
  • White Eagle Earth Healing Cybergroup

White Eagle healing, study or meditation Groups meet in the following locations with links to flyers about some of the groups that can be downloaded:

United States – Map of Groups in the Americas link

Canada –

  • British Columbia – Langley, Surrey
  • Ontario – Binbrook, Stoney Creek


  • Mexico City

South America

  • Chile at Santiago
  • Brazil  at Divinopolis


  • Moengo

Costa Rica

  • San Jose

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