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Saint John’s Retreat Center
2615 St. Beulah Chapel Road
Montgomery, TX 77316

Jane Sorbi

Reverend Jane Sorbi
Mother of the White Eagle Work in the Americas
(936) 597-5757

Jean LeFevre

Reverend Jean LeFevre
Founder White Eagle Center in Texas – Retired

Denise Badmington
Deacon, Healing & Group Coordinator for the Americas
(936) 597-5757

Sylvia Pearson
Healing Correspondent,
Property Project Manager
(936) 597-5757

Nancy Benansky
(936) 597-5757

Catherine Price
Retreat Coordinator
(936) 597-5757

Marcia Lynn
Personal Assistant to Jane Sorbi

David Hawkes
Chef, Caretaker, Host
(936) 597-5757

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