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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Christian?

We embrace the teachings of the Cosmic Christ which are universal in nature and give life to all creation.

The teachings of the White Eagle Lodge speak of the Christ which is the Light which has shone through many Masters, most perfectly through the Master Jesus, the Christ. This Christ Light has illumined other great teachers such as the Buddha and Krishna. We also acknowledge that each one of us has within ourselves that spark of Light, the Christ Light which is all love.

How do you view other religions?

We acknowledge and respect all faiths, knowing that each is a path to God. Knowing also, that each ‘religion’ or truth teaching was originally designed perfectly for the particular peoples to whom it was given. No one true path is above another, each contains aspects of the whole truth. All show ways of expressing love, honor and a deep respect for all created life. When humanity is able to withhold its own opinion, the pure truth will always shine!

Is White Eagle a person?

Yes, White Eagle was indeed a personality through whom the teachings originate, brought through the instrumentality of Grace Cooke. In Native American spirituality the title “White Eagle” often denotes a wise teacher and the one whom we know as White Eagle had significant life-times in both North America and South America.

In White Eagle’s words: “We would have you think of the White Eagle as the White Bird, the symbol of the new age and the message of the true Light in every man and woman which is coming through to the world. The White Eagle is the symbol of the new age…”

“… the symbol of the White Eagle is one used by John, the teacher of the new age of Aquarius. Do not think of White Eagle as a personality. Think of the great Spirit, the great Spirit of Love, of the New Age., whose symbol is the White Eagle.”

How does the White Eagle Lodge define a Master?

A Master Soul is one who has literally mastered control of all the elements of which he or she is made. The elements of water (control of the emotions), air (brotherhood towards all life), fire (love) and earth (complete surrender of the material self to the Spirit).

The Masters speak with one united voice. Each aspect of the master-soul has a responsibility, a task; their effort is being concentrated on humanity to prepare it for the coming of the next World Teacher.

Why is the six-pointed star used in the White Eagle teachings when others have used the five-pointed star..?

Different symbols are used according to the mentality and spiritual evolution of mankind, and according to the particular spiritual path on which they are progressing.  The five-pointed star used in Freemasonary conveys the idea of the five points of fellowship which advance the Brotherhood of Man.  The six-pointed star is the symbol of the Man perfected.

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