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Healing is a Gift of God.  When through a few kind words, you lift the heart of another, you are practicing healing;  when you hold in your mind the beauty of creation, you are giving healing to the whole world, because your very thought is creative, and takes beautiful form.  Our thoughts, in other words, have the power to change the world.

Healing is central to the work of the White Eagle Lodge.  It is also a path of spiritual growth for those who involve themselves in this work.  It is given with love and without charge to all who ask.  The healing ministry embraces people, animals and Mother Earth.

Anyone who feels a desire to help alleviate suffering can join in the healing work.  The White Eagle method of healing is given by groups and also by lone healers who work from home.  These groups and lone healers form a network of light and healing throughout the world.  Experience as a healer is the foundation for a specialized White Eagle training in ‘hands on” healing.

Please contact us if you are interested in helping with the healing, or would like healing for yourself.  If you request healing on behalf of another, please obtain their permission.  Spiritual healing must be acceptable and in accordance with the religious and spiritual beliefs of each person.

  • If you are interested in the White Eagle Healing work, please contact Denise at 936-597-5757  –  Email: or Sylvia at 936-597-5757  –  Email:  Sylvia administers the Earth Healing work.
  • For overseas healing please click on the following link:
  • If you are requesting healing for someone in the Americas, please fully complete the online form: 

    Please Complete the Following:



If you would like to support the healing work, you can donate by clicking on the following link – Donation Page.

“If you will train yourself to think in terms of love and forgiveness every moment of your life, a most beautiful healing will take place in you.” – White Eagle


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