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The White Eagle way of meditation brings a union between Eastern and Western traditions.  It is a practice which gradually opens the heart to find that at-one-ment or union with the Light or God within.

Meditation initially is not easy!  How do we find quiet in an apparently chaotic world?  A good beginning practice can simply be by taking a moment or two, wherever you are, to concentrate on your breathing.  This is simply a gentle quieting of the self while focusing on your in-breath and then following the breath as you allow it to gently flow outward.  Through this simple practice our minds begin to quiet down.  Meditation is a practice we feel in our hearts, not in our minds.

A good White Eagle book to help begin the practice of meditation is the White Eagle publication:  Meditation by Grace Cooke.  Short meditations may be found in the little book The Still Voice.  These may be ordered through our bookstore.  There is also a course available to members.  Click here to purchase books or the White Eagle Meditation course Store.

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