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An astrological perspective is very much woven into the White Eagle teachings.  A study of this ‘sacred science’ can be a most profound tool towards self understanding and the understanding of others and the world around us.

The White Eagle School of Astrology based in England  is one of the leading schools of esoteric astrology.  It offers training through correspondence courses and offers a diploma to the student upon completion. Information and application can be made here in the Americas through

The White Eagle School of Astrology is also a member of the national Advisory Panel on Astrological Education.  Simon Bentley, director of the astrology school, presents an astrological retreat once a year at our retreat center in Texas and writes regularly for the Newsletter for the Americas, ‘On Eagle’s Wings’.


We have a White Eagle astrologer here in the Americas who offers her expertise in providing personal help through individual Natal Horoscopes which provide a map of the soul’s purpose in learning and service.   An overview of the planetary influences in the months ahead can also be provided through interpretation of the upcoming transits.  Contact either of our astrologers for more information:

Heather Threlfall:        email:

Monthly Lunar Reports from Heather – ACCOUNT OF THE LUNATIONS – just click on the document below to receive the most current reports:


Aquarius Solar Eclipse 2018

Leo Lunar Eclipse, 2018




































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