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The White Eagle Lodge offers a variety of courses. We continue to offer the long established General Study course, as well as,  In-depth and Meditation courses.

We are happy to announce a new course available, Building Bridges to the Heaven World. This course is an inner journey into the Heaven World, endeavoring to bring back into our earthly lives heavenly wisdom and illumination.

We also offer a beginning, preparatory, and advanced course in Astrology through the White Eagle School of Astrology.  You can obtain information about this course by contacting

A new course for the casual student in Astrology entitled, Understanding the Stars is now available.  Unlike our standard training courses, it requires no work to be sent in, no tutor and no mathematical or technical knowledge. Instead, it introduces the esoteric principles and philosophy behind the study of astrology, its history and its function.

For more information about pricing and/or to order these courses, please contact 

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