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This page contains written and audio Media that the center produces.  We are highlighting at this time recordings of the Temple of the Golden Rose Sunday Services.  By clicking on the underlined audio recording you will be able to listen to the White Eagle Reading and Talk.

Further down the page you will find information about our monthly Newsflash, triannual Newsletter and weekly White Eagle Quote.  You will also find information about our new e-books that are available from the UK.

Sunday Service Readings & Recordings

 – – – February 11th  Sunday Service Reading & Talk Recordings

Topic:  Harmony

Reading by Jeff:  Audio Recording of a White Eagle Reading

        Talk by Sylvia:  Audio Recording of Sunday Service Talk

 – – – February 18th  Sunday Service Reading Recording

Topic:82nd Anniversary

Reading by Nancy Benansky:  Audio Recording of Sunday Service Reading


Each month we send out an email ‘Newsflash’ or monthly update on happenings at the Star Center for the Americas.  A sample of our Newsflash can be viewed by clicking the following link: Newsflash for January 2018

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To view a copy of our triannual newsletter, ‘ on Eagle’s Wings,’ and find out how to receive your own copy, please visit our Membership page by clicking on the following link Membership.

You can view the current Newsletter by clicking on the following  link: 2017 Winter E-Newsletter.  The subject is Amazing Grace

The Star:  2017 Summer E-Newsletter

Inspiration2017 Spring E-Newsletter

Harmony:  2016 Winter E-Newsletter

Mercy: 2016 Summer E-Newsletter

Illusion:  2016 Spring E-Newsletter

The Fires of Love:  2015 Winter E-Newsletter

Mother Nature2015 Summer E-Newsletter

Wisdom: 2015 Spring E-Newsletter

Truth:  2014 Winter E-Newsletter1

Wise Service:  2014 Summer E-Newsletter

Forgive:  2014 Spring E-Newsletter

Simplicity:  2013 Winter E-Newsletter

Peace:  2013 Summer E-Newsletter

A Revolution of Thought:  2013 Spring E-Newsletter

White Eagle Wisdom

Quote #229White Eagle Wisdom is a weekly White Eagle quote sent to members.   If you would like to receive WE’s weekly wisdom quotes, please email us at







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