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Membership offers an opportunity to become part of the spiritual family, along with practical benefits and privileges.

If you feel in harmony with the White Eagle philosophy of life and would like to help with the work of the White Eagle Lodge, membership offers an opportunity to become part of the spiritual family. It does not matter if you live far from any Lodge or Group, because membership is as much a spiritual as a material link, and all can join in spiritual service to our family of humanity, the animal and plant kingdoms and to Mother Earth herself.

Benefits for Members Include:

Newsletter: You will receive our triannual newsletter, On Eagle’s Wings.  You can choose to receive the Newsletter electronically (via email) or a hard copy by mail.  You can look at a sample by clicking on the following link 2017 Winter E-Newsletter

Courses: Members may further their study of the White Eagle teachings by ordering courses for personal study.   Courses Page

Retreats & Workshops:  Members receive a 5% discount on all retreats and workshops facilitated by The White Eagle Lodge/Saint John’s Retreat Center. 2018 Retreat Schedule

Healing: After three months a member may choose to serve as an absent healer for people, animals and/or earth healing, either working alone or in a group.   Healing Page

Brotherhood: After serving in the healing work for a period of time, should you seek a deeper dedication to the path, you may apply to join in the Brotherhood work. The work of the Brotherhood links with other such groups around the globe, to project light, love and peace into the world, and help to illumine humanity on the upward evolutionary path.

To request more information about membership, please contact us at: .

There are two ways to submit the information to become a member, supporter or to renew your membership:  1) is to complete the online form below and pay by credit card or 2)  to download the attached form and mail your payment to the address on the form Membership Form.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

New Membership and Renewal Form

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